“The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilized living…”
― Dione Lucas

Episode One: Denise Diaz.

Denise Diaz discusses growing up in Los Angeles with a Revolutionary Father, and a desire to change the world, while our Chef, Nephresha Singletary creates an amazing dish to accompany the amazing story. To add to the already amazing evening, Kenny Sanders, founder of the awesome NotSocks strums away on his guitar.
An amazing night. And we look forward to many more.

Episode Two: Candace. To Vegans, With Love.

Candace and some of her best friends discuss what they know about love, what they feel love should be, and her recent engagement to an amazing woman. Because a vegan was amongst us, Chef Nephresha made an amazing slider, vegan mac & cheese, and an English chilled pea salad. Even the carnivores were smiling!

Episode Three: Ashley Blaine Featherson. That’s So Ash!

Ashley Blaine Featherson shares her not-so secrets to surviving in Hollywood, how she set and achieved her goals, and her future plans as an amazing actress, apothecary line creator, show creator, blogger, and socialite. Over a tasty Mediterranean Salad and Stone Fruit Cobbler, Ashley talks with new friend, Jonathan Gist, who shares pieces of himself, and gets his Black Card taken.